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Welcome to! In this website you will find a selection of manufacturers, and worldwide vendors of curved stair lifts, sometimes referred to as stair dolly, or home elevator. You will also find reviews of the top models of curved stair lifts, and tips and answers to often asked questions about what kind of curved stair lift or home elevator to install and how to take care of it.

Is your mobility slowly deteriorating? Do you find it more and more difficult to just walk upstairs in your wonderful house? Has it happened to you that you finally got upstairs and then realized you forgot something downstairs, and the second trip downstairs and back upstairs lasted forever and left you exhausted?

There are many reasons why people equip their homes with a stairlift. It could be mobility difficulties due to quick exhaustion, it could be lung or heart issues, anemias, or various injuries and inflammations in legs and hips.

Regardless of the reason, when walking up and down the stairs is becoming a chore, very risky due to a possible fall, or downright impossible, it is time to think about getting a stairlift for your stairs.

And if your stairs are curved, you need a curved stair lift. It is just that simple. Manufacturers make a big distinction there because the surveying and the installation of a curved stairlift is more resource and time intensive than the installation of a straight stairs stairlift.

But there must have been a reason why you got curved stairway in the first place! Don't they just ooze charm and richness? Don't they just become a centerpiece of a large home, and give the home that special feel of opulence? Well guess what, it is no different with a curved stairlift, or stair glide. Just think about an entrance into a room full of people. You would just quietly be gliding down the curved stairs and suddenly appear in front of everyone. This is the stuff the Hollywood movies are made of!

Not that there aren't any alternatives to stair lifts for disabled! You could remodel your home to build more bathrooms and bedrooms on the main floor. This could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Or you could move into a bungalow-style single story home. Think about all the hassle of that, plus would you not prefer to stay in your own home? Are these alternatives worth the hassle and the money? You decide.

There are several world-wide brands of curved stair lifts that you can pick from when you have decided that getting a curved stair lift is your preference. They include: ThyssenKrupp Stair Lift, or TK Access, Acorn Stairlift, Bruno Stairlift, Ameriglide and other stair glide types. Also, there are several types of curved stair lifts, such as heavy duty stairlift, or bariatric stair lift, and outdoor stair lift. When the money is tight, you may want to look into a used stair lifts for sale, second hand stair lifts, or refurbished stair lifts which still carry a warranty. Be sure to do your research and you will come out ahead.